ICSA began when industry leaders in Miami, Florida realized they all shared the same worries around recent announcements in changes in customs and tax regulations in Latin America and other countries. These changes were imminent and required a united response as they were going to impact the industry in a very big way.

Meetings began in early fall 2019, first in Miami, later in New York and New Jersey, where many issues where discussed: the need to improve the transparency in cost and charges to customers, the use of a common terminology to assure an understanding of fees and procedures for agents and customers and the urgency to develop best practices and raise the level of professionalism within the sector. In November 16 the first Board of Directors of ICSA was elected and the Association began its charter.

Reaching out to other associations, increasing it’s members and influence are first on the list of this Association that has big plans and a long list of challenges ahead. The new Board expects to initiate a journey that they can all be proud of in years to come. Video Interviews can be found here

For the same reasons that migrants don’t use banks to send money home, they don’t use the courier services of the big brands in the industry. Migrants don’t look for costly overnight services and, instead, trust the international packaging services of members of ICSA. Both, technology and changes in the international shipping market, have helped this industry grow and thrive. Vigorous growth generates a need for professionalism, better procedures, controls, speed and excellent customer service to manage a thriving business.

In order to start the process of creating ICSA, industry leaders called upon a consultancy firm in Miami, Mohr World Consulting, founded by Hugo Cuevas-Mohr. The latter is known for it’s previous experience in the creation of trade organizations, mainly in the Money Transfer sector, as Mohr World is one of the founders of the MSBA, the Money Service Businesses Association. Interestingly, most agents of the International Money Transfer Industry are also agents of the International Courier Services Industry, since they serve the same customer base:- migrants that use their services to send packages as well as money to their relatives back home.


(elected on 11-16-2019)

PRESIDENT: Guido Isaacs

VICE- PRESIDENT: Alejandro Valencia

SECRETARY:  Marcela Isaacs

TREASURY:  James Cardenas



Sofia Miranda: secretaria@icsassociation.org

Hugo Cuevas-Mohr
Mohr World Consulting
Pilar Angel – Strategy Angel