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This information has been prepared by ICSA to provide the public with general information about the association and its members

International Courier Services Association, Inc

Miami, Florida

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Can any courier company become a member of ICSA?
The short answer will be yes. But we do have some requirements for companies depending the country where they reside. In the US we expect companies to have a TSA-IAC registration, a warehouse in the US, to be a forwarding agent, 2 years in business and to be offering services to the public. ICSA’s Board of Directors approves every membership and will consider every application fairly.
I am an agent of several courier service companies, can I become a member?
We are considering memberships for agents as part of our work to make this industry as professional and competent as we can, providing exceptional services to clients and promoting best practices to make sure we raise the level of companies that are committed to excellency. If you want to join, please contact us!
Do you need to be licensed to be a courier company and become a member of ICSA?
There are countries where a courier company needs to be licensed, other where registration with a government agency is needed or certain permits need to be granted. We will consider every case for membership independently but we will not approve any company as long as it complies with local regulations and international standards. We take membership in ICSA very seriously to make sure we represents the best companies in every market.
Is ICSA an Association for US companies only?
Not at all. ICSA membership is open to all companies in any country in the world. We are looking at the creation of local chapters so we can take localized action when needed. A chapter in Spain is already in the works and we hope to have many more in the near future.
I provide services to courier companies, can I become a member?
We consider the companies that provide products and services for our industry, our vendors & suppliers, an integral part of our industry and our partners in our success. We are setting ud a membership affiliation for them. Please contact us if you are interested.
I have a complaint against a courier company, can you help me?
We are not geared to be a complaint resolution center for the industry or specfic companies or even our own members. But in case you have a serios complaint against a member of ICSA we will surely consider the case and take appropiate action if needed. Please, try to resolve your issue directly first.